Saved by the Nappy List

10 Jan

To start the New Year, I thought I would discuss a few dos and don’ts relating to real nappies.  It can be a bit confusing when you’re new to real nappies, and I know that I could have done with some of these hints and tips when I first started out with real nappies! 


  1. Do check out what’s available on the market and do your research before you buy your real nappies.  Advice from a nappy expert is invaluable here, and it can save you a lot of time and headaches!  After a lot of trawling the internet and high street when I was buying my first nappies, I decided to speak to a nappy expert – and I was so glad I did!  She made it so much clearer and helped me work out what would be right for me.
  2. Do wash your new nappies a few times before first use, to get the absorbency up.  I suggest washing a couple of times first, and bear in mind that it may take 6-8 washes before the nappies reach their full absorbency.  It’s not uncommon for people to worry that their nappies aren’t absorbent enough when they first use them, and usually it’s just that they need a few more washes.
  3. Do wash your nappies using no more than 60ºC wash cycle (you may find that 40ºC is fine for the majority of the time).  There is no need to soak your nappies or to wash any hotter than 60ºC. 
  4. Do dry your nappies outside or inside in a warm place when you can.  The sun acts as a natural bleach so get them outside whenever you can!  It never ceases to amaze me how effective the sun is at getting out those stubborn stains.  Most nappies can be tumble dried if needed, but use the lowest heat setting to keep them in good condition and protect the waterproofing.
  5. Do have your nappies stored ready to use – snapped down into the desired position for one-size nappies, for example, or ready-stuffed with an insert for pocket nappies.  This saves you loads of time, and is also helpful if other people are going to be changing your baby.  Once, my mum had changed my son into a new pocket nappy without putting an absorbent insert in first – needless to say, it lasted about 2 minutes!  After this, I decided it was safer to have all the nappies set up ready to go!
  6. Do make sure that the nappy is fitted properly to avoid any leaks.  Ideally, you want a snug, but not tight, fit around both the legs and waist.


  1. Don’t use a greasy barrier cream as it can leave a residue on the inner lining which is very difficult to remove, especially on fleece lined nappies.  If you do use a cream then use a flushable nappy liner to protect the inside of the nappy.
  2. Don’t use fabric softener or 2-in-1 detergents as these will coat the fabrics, making them water repellent – which will cause leaks!
  3. Don’t dry nappies directly on a heat source such as a radiator, as this can damage waterproofing and elastic.  Use a radiator rack or airer instead.  I lost a couple of my best waterproof covers after my other half put them on the radiator – grrr!
  4. Don’t forget to take your nappies home when out & about.  Make sure you take your nappies home with you after picking up from nursery /childcare, especially if you’re not going to be back again for a few days!  Similarly, don’t leave a bag of used nappies on the train / in the changing room / at the toddler group ….. And yes, I do speak from experience here too!  I spent ages one time looking for some missing nappies, only to find that I’d left them in the back of the car after a day out.  They’d been there for two days, in the sun – it wasn’t nice!

We all make mistakes but hopefully this list will help.  If you can add any suggestions, or have any funny stories, do let me know!

For more information or tips on using your real nappies, please contact me at

Blog provided by Vicki Jordan at Real Choice Nappies


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