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Two Part Nappies vs All-In-Ones

3 Feb

Another major decision when choosing your real nappies is whether to go for a nappy that requires a separate waterproof cover, or one where the waterproofing is built in.  Again, there are pros and cons with each type.

“Two-part” nappies, as their name suggests, are made up of two parts – the absorbent nappy part, and a separate waterproof cover.  Two part nappies can also be referred to as “nappy separates”, because there are two separate components. 

Two-part nappies are generally considered to be the best choice for containment, since there are two lines of defence!  A good fitting nappy, with a good fitting cover over the top, is pretty bomb proof and so this system may be the best option when containment is a priority (especially for pre-weaned, breastfed babies).

An “all-in-one” nappy here is meant to refer to any nappy that has a waterproof outer and an absorbent inner.  With this sort of nappy, the waterproofing is built into the nappy so there is no need for a separate waterproof cover. 

A true “all-in-one” nappy is one where the absorbency is sewn into the outer and is not removable.  However, with some nappies, it is possible to separate out the absorbent material from the waterproofing, usually to aid drying, and there are different terms used to distinguish these variations.  For instance, “all-in-two” would describe a nappy where the absorbent material is removable, and either lies on top of or pops into the outer waterproofing.  And “pocket” would describe a waterproof outer with a pocket, in which absorbent pads are placed.  All these names can be very confusing though, and for ease I tend to call all such nappies “all-in-one” – after all, these nappy types are all one piece when you put them on the baby.

The main advantage of all-in-ones is their ease of use – there is only one bit of nappy to deal with and they are certainly the closest to disposable nappies in terms of their use.  This sort of nappy may therefore be the best choice where ease is the priority, perhaps for childcare or for out and about.

It’s a personal choice and what style you choose will depend on what is most important for you.  If your priority is containment, then maybe a two-part would suit you best.  And if your priority is ease of use, then you may want to go for an all-in-one style.  Or you could choose a combination of the two – two-parts for home and all-in-ones for out, for instance.

If you would like any advice on choosing two-part or all-in-one nappies, please feel free to contact me at vicki@realchoicenappies.co.uk

Blog provided by Vicki Jordan from real Choice Nappies.