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Choosing one size versus sized nappies!

23 Jan

One of the decisions to make when choosing your real nappies is whether to go for a nappy that comes in different sizes, or one that is adjustable to fit from birth to toddler.  Ultimately, most of it is down to personal preference, as each type has its pros and cons.

A sized nappy will give a more customised fit than a one-size nappy, and so may suit very small babies (or very large toddlers) better.  This better fit may also mean better containment.  In contrast, a one-size nappy is likely to be a bit bulkier on a newborn baby, since that excess fabric (that allows it to fit a toddler) has to go somewhere.  This is not usually too much of a problem, but if a nappy is too big, especially around the legs and waist, then you may have problems with containment.

A major plus of one-size nappies is that you only have to buy one-size, and so they work out cheaper overall.  However, it is also worth considering the longevity of the nappies, especially if you plan to have more children and re-use the same nappies.  A one-size nappy will be in constant use for 2-3 years (for one baby) and so may not last as well for any subsequent children, compared with a sized nappy that has been used for roughly half of that time. 

Personally, we decided to go for one-size nappies as our “main” nappy, although we did find them to be rather bulky when the boys were first born.  We chose to use folded muslins for the first few weeks, inside an extra-small nappy cover.  Muslins are very thin and so can be folded to fit smaller babies without adding too much bulk, and we found plenty of uses for them once we’d stopped using them as nappies!

It’s a personal thing, as your choice will depend on whether you prioritise cost or fit, whether you are likely to have a very small baby (or a very large one), and whether you plan to have any more children. Like with everything to do with real nappies, the choice is yours. 

If you would like any advice on choosing one-size or sized nappies, please feel free to contact me at vicki@realchoicenappies.co.uk

Blog provided by Vick Jordan from Real Choice Nappies.